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In the present world, almost everyone loves to travel. It has become an activity that people do in their leisure times.  The advantage of travelling isn’t just a one-time thing. It changes your behaviour both physically and psychologically. It is a chance for you to recreate yourself, to reduce your stress levels. Making you step out of your comfort zone, it encourages you to get exposed to try different things than usual. Some say travel might give you a peace of mind, which I strongly believe it does. To take a trip every once in a while is actually not a bad thing. Travelling makes you smarter. It helps you to develop a better understanding of other cultures. With every time you travel, you feel more confident and adventurous. Every trip has lifetime memories you would never forget. These memories help you to cherish the moments spent during your trip even when you’re sitting in your homes. Not only for relaxing but some people use this as an opportunity to upgrade their lives by paving new paths for themselves. Of course, the selection of places to travel depends on one’s own interest, personality and the weather most importantly.  Well, we’ve got some suggestions for all the travel lovers at LePerfecto!