Top Luxury Sunglasses Brands that are trending and loved by people all over the World!

Sunglasses were originally a safety device, designed to protect the eyes from excess sunlight and glare. It wasn’t until the 20th century that modern sunglasses as we know them were invented and they became an important fashion accessory, whose use and meaning continues to evolve. In 1929, Sam Foster began marketing the first mass-produced sunglasses, which soon became a hot fashion item on the Atlantic City boardwalk. A few years later, Bausch & Lomb got in the business when the company began making sunglasses for American military aviators. Since then, sunglasses have enjoyed various degrees of popularity and more than a few upgrades. The most important technological improvement was the polarized lens, introduced in the 1930s.  It helps to reduce glare even more and also reduce the risk of eye damage due to UV light. Here are a few top luxury sunglasses brands in the world that everyone loves and are worth trying out!


luxury sunglasses, prada

A pair of sunglasses that have been a classic since 1913, and always will be! Prada offers glasses that speak for itself. Prada sunglasses have breathtaking styles for those of you who want to stand out. The frames sometimes include crazy and exciting adornments and shapes, and they will go with any personality.

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luxury sunglasses,, burberry

A luxury brand since 1856, they are famous for their craftsmanship, minutest detailing and coming up with innovative shapes making it a stand apart from others. The products are best for all occasions to be it a wedding, outing or weekend parties. This brand is for those who love new designs and new colours in sunglasses.

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luxury sunglasses,, kate spade

These are sunglasses that are glamorous, girly, flirty, classic, trendy, all in one. Kate Spade makes amazing sales with their Angeliqs Cat Eye Sunglasses. They are almost identical to the cat eyeglasses that were popular in the 1960s, and they are just gorgeous. They have a retro look and bright colours. It is even possible for you to mix and match colours with frames and lenses, so they’ll go with your favourite outfits!

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Heritage since 1884, Bvlgari is one of the most famous brands in Europe which is famous for its blend of style, flexibility and model. It gives the right kind of look to enhance your style. Its speciality is its uncompromising designs with its unique features comprising of various colours, designs, shapes and sizes. The latest feature is the brand’s new addition for sports such as biking, athletics, etc.

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You’ve got to wear it to see it, and you must see it believe it. John Jacobs is one of the names you need to remember if you’re going shopping for any sort of eyewear. JJ has some of the best stock of eyewear you’ll ever find both online as well as in their stores. JOHN JACOBS is a premium eyewear brand bringing quality eyewear at rebellious prices.

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luxury sunglasses, gucci

A true fashion and major style. Think about going Gucci! They offer good looks and big glamour all in one stunning frame. Most of the frames are oversized, even for men, and they are designed to hide the eyes like a celebrity. They come in pretty colours. They have delicate details like rounded shapes, and they all have the iconic “G” somewhere on the frame.

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Many athletes feel right at home in a tough yet bendable pair of Oakley sunglasses. These glasses have designs to withstand stress, and the available O-Matter frames (as well as other options) are tested under severe conditions. These glasses are trendy and modern. Oakley glasses are also customizable, which makes them even more popular.

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luxury sunglasses,, ray ban

For classic sunglasses users who are looking for a beautiful and not very expensive (but not cheap either) glasses,  that stay true to their brand, Ray-Ban is the answer. There are plenty of options for both men and women, and they provide many iconic styles. Wayfarers are a basis of the Ray-Ban brand, and they make them in several styles and colours. They also make several different colour options for aviators.

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luxury sunglasses,, police

Become a sensation! They are innovative, creative and provide excellent quality sunglasses! They have glasses for both men and women and also provide refined details such as floral patterns, bright colours and glitterati. This makes them one of the luxury brands with the hottest trending sunglasses.

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These are the classical glasses worn by none other than James Bond! Tom Ford was the costume designer, and all the stunning styles that kept Bond looking smooth were Tom Ford creations. The glasses have the same aura for both men and women. They’re high quality with beautiful lenses and amazing strength. The frames are original and classic. You can’t go wrong with a look from Mr Ford!

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luxury sunglasses,, armani exchange

Emporio Armani is the first choice for any official trips because it is the most comfortable and trip friendly sunglasses and it is easy to handle.  It is famous for its luxury and status features and models. The collection is extremely wearable with accessible pricing. A contemporary twist in the form of textures, materials and colours was added to the classic shapes. The official look makes your appearance trendy as well.

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As a brand that was created to be worn on the waves, Maui Jim sunglasses come in styles that are meant to be rugged. Maui Jim takes offers cleaner lines and sturdy materials. Maui Jim still uses glass lenses in most of their styles. As many companies are switching to polycarbonate lenses that are less expensive, more durable and more profitable, Maui Jim is holding on to the classic lens making techniques.

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