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Fashion is not a statement but now has become a part of our lives. It has a major impact on one’s first impressions. Therefore what we wear and where and how we wear it matters because it determines our social situation and the way we live our lives. It is a language that tells us the meaning of individuals and groups non-verbally. To help us with this, the work of fashion designers is essential. 

In the 20th century, most of the garments were produced in America. Now almost 80% of the clothes come from Asian countries. The climate and seasons also have a great impact on making new styles timely. Fashion does not apply only for clothes but also for shoes, accessories, etc. Expressing and designing fashion is not an easy task. It is an art, a craft that requires skill.

Fashion Designing

Even though there are institutes which teach fashion designing, one must have their passion for excelling in this industry. Above all, there is no mandatory certificate of education needed to become a successful designer but it might help you in a lot of different ways.

Also to become a fashion designer, you must have a great eye for colour and shape. Above all, having creative initial ideas for your designs is crucial to sustain in this field. Fashion designers have a great competition in the present world.

Spotting new trends and getting up to date to the modern world is also necessary. Many people wish to reach big heights in this field but creativity and focus are ideal for a person to work it out properly. Different cultures have different styles. And each style is changing according to the present trend.

People are now accepting and are getting attached to the newest styles in the market. Even though some of them are mocked and criticised, it didn’t stop the crowd from wearing them. Fashion designers who have excelled in maintaining the quality and the standards got the people’s attention and everyone loves their work. Here are some of the top fashion designers who are best at their work.

Top 10 Fashion Designers in the World

1. Coco Chanel

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2. Christian Dior

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3. Giorgio Armani


4. Calvin Klein


5. Ralph Lauren


6. Pierre Cardin

top fashion designers,, pierre cardin


7. Donatella Versace


8. Karl Lagerfeld


9. Marc Jacobs

top fashion designers, marc jacobs


10. Tom Ford

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These fashion designers were and are few among the many legendary designers in the world who made a trendsetting revolution through fashion. Some accomplished by starting their line from the start and some started as a designer in other brands and slowly built their empire.

Despite these legends in the present-day industry, there are upcoming fashion designers who are building their way through the competition by giving out the best styles. Their knowledge of design, well-developed skills and their creative ideas to give out unique styles are helping them to steal the spotlight.

Here are some of the upcoming top fashion designers and the latest trendsetters in the field:


Emily Adams Bode


Tomo Koizumi


Catherine Holstein


Brandon Kee


Kenneth Nicholson


Claire McKinney and Sophie Andes-Gascon


Flora Miranda


Chelsea Grays


Christopher Cabalona



There are many other stylists who may not be mentioned but they are making their way up in this industry with their newest creative styles. All these people are the reason you get to know your fashion and your fashion interests. 

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