Best food for weight loss

Everyone loves to and wishes to stay fit but the efforts towards it are not taken seriously by everyone.  Not only the workouts but also the diet plays an important role in weight loss promoting process. These are a few food items that can help in promoting weight loss and to stay fit.

Food items that help in promoting weight loss and a healthy and fit body:


Although being on the edge from a long time for being high in cholesterol, whole eggs have started to make their comeback. It is a fact that high intake of eggs increases the level of cholesterol in some people but for many,it is one of the best foods to take for losing your weight. Highly enriched with nutrients, eggs can help you get all the nutrients that you need in a calorie-restricted diet.

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Few beans and legumes can also be useful for weight loss. Some of them are lentils, black beans, kidney beans, etc. Food items like these contribute to weight loss by burning calories and fats. This is because they are high in protein and fiber, which contributes to the notion of fullness and a lower calorie diet. These may also help reduce the rise in blood sugar that occurs after eating a meal, which may help reduce the risk of weight gain and diabetes.

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salmon for weight loss

Fatty fish like salmon is extremely healthy and very pleasing, keeping you full for many hours with relatively few calories. It is filled with healthy fats, high-quality proteins and many other important nutrients. Consuming salmon at least 2-3 times a week might not only help you lose weight but also help prevent the insulin resistance that can lead to type-2 diabetes in your coming years.

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oat meal for weight loss

Oatmeal is high on proteins and low in calories which makes it a perfect food for weight loss. Flavoured oatmeal might be convenient to eat but it is packed with a lot of chemicals and sugars which spikes up your blood sugar levels. So, buy unflavored oats and add your own toppings which are healthy. Oats take time to digest in the body and hence, tend to burn calories. Have your meal in a small bowl, so that you eat less.

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lean meat for weight loss

Lean meats are meats with comparatively low-fat content. Chicken and turkey breasts, red meat like pork chops are some examples of lean meat. It is a weight-loss-friendly food as it is high in protein content. As we all know, protein consumes more number of calories than carbs and fats for digestion, leading to weight loss. These meats are also rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron.

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green leafy vegetables for weight loss

They have certain qualities which make them considerable in a weight-loss diet, like being filled with fibre and being low on calories and carbs. There are also rich in fibre that facilitate weight loss. Not only has this but greens also make for a good detox food. With these leafy vegetables, there is a lot to eat on your plate but they have way fewer calories in each bite and thereby giving you satiety without gaining many calories.

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